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Asset Control Testing Is Now Automated!

Adetta allows you to build automated tests for Asset Control without the need to code.

Asset Control is used around the world by banks, asset managers, insurance companies, regulators and market infrastructure companies. Asset Control provides end-to-end solutions for the sourcing, mastering, distribution and exploration of financial market and reference data and a trusted basis for analytics.

Customer environments can be sophisticated, integrate many different data sources and often address different use cases. Asset Control often combines third party sourced data supported by the standard product with customer internal and proprietary data sets.
With Terrafino Solutions' Adetta, clients can test the solution in their own ecosystem, with their own datasets and against their own specific use cases.

Do you regularly measure test effort in days or weeks?

Adetta automates your tests and executes them in seconds or minutes.


With its intuitive interface Adetta makes creating and running fully automated tests for Asset Control surprisingly easy.


Easy to use

  • Adetta lets you build test cases using natural language building blocks.
  • Each block starts with Given, When, Then, And or But and may take one or more parameters.
  • See the example on the right for loading a vendor file.
Adetta Intro

Adetta Intro

Intelligent Autocomplete

  • No need to remember the exact syntax of these blocks.
  • Adetta gives you an intelligent autocomplete to guide you.
  • Just start typing ...


  • What you see is not only a description of the test case.
  • This test is now executable.
  • And Adetta can run hundreds of them in minutes.
Adetta Intro

Adetta Intro

See where things go wrong

  • Quickly identify regressions.
  • Adetta highlights failed steps with their respective error message.


Please see the following core features below.


Data load

  • Allows you to implement tests for both standard and custom interfaces.
  • Easily see if your interface creates the expected ADOs.
Adetta Intro

Adetta Intro

Normalization and consolidation

  • Move further up the chain of static data ingestion.
  • Get confidence in your normalization and consolidation logic via thorough tests.

Price consolidation

  • Test timeseries just as easily as static data.
  • Ensure your prices are right!
Adetta Intro
Adetta Intro

Timeseries validations

  • Does a validation function capture all edge cases?
  • Now you can make sure!

Formula Engine

  • Put braces on your custom Formula Engine code.
  • Refactor with confidence.
Adetta Intro

... and much more

We keep adding more features. Please, see our Adetta blog section for updates.

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