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Asset Control
by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 01 Mar 2019

The configuration file

The file is one of the two most important configuration files in any Asset Control installation (the other one is ac.ini).

In a typical scenario, would have been generated during the initial setup of the system via and is located here: $AC_SYSTEM/bin/

acdba@acbox:~$ ls -l $AC_SYSTEM/bin/
-rw-r--r-- 1 acdba acdba 3571 Feb 11  2018 /home/acdba/ac/bin/

It is responsible for setting, amending and exporting environment variables that are needed for Asset Control to be able to start and operate.

There are about 50 environment variables in total of which some of the more important ones are:

Variable Purpose Example
AC_SYSTEM Root directory of AC installation /home/acdba/ac
AC_DATA Directory containing datafile trees, vendorfiles etc. /home/acdba/ac/data
AC_FORMDIR Directory containing Formula Engine formulas /home/acdba/ac/formulas
AC_LOGDIR Directory containing AC log files /home/acdba/ac/data/log
AC_WORKDIR Directory containing temp. and intermediate files /home/acdba/ac/data/workdir
AC_QRY_ADDRESS RPC address of the query server 536870932
AC_UPD_ADDRESS RPC address of the update server 536870931
AC_REP_ADDRESS RPC address of the replicator 536870933

Typically, you would source in your .bashrc or similar to ensure these variables are set.

Note, there is also a acenv.csh for C shell users.

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