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by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 16 Jul 2020

Why would you want to use Adetta?

The following is a list of bullet points of why we think you should be using Adetta if you are looking to automate your Asset Control testing.

Firstly, let’s see why automated testing is important and how it can benefit you.

Manual vs. automated testing

Manual testing

  • Typically measured in days and weeks.
  • Labour expensive.
  • Incurs cost every time (e.g. when upgrading a system, interface etc.).
  • Human errors and shortcuts under time pressure mean bugs slip into production.

Automated testing

  • Much faster, often measured in seconds or minutes.
  • Upfront cost to set up, but subsequent runs cost very little time and money.
  • Repeatable and reliable.
  • Good tests serve as documentation of system behaviour.

In a fast paced environment there is no place for large scale manual testing. It takes huge amounts of time and money to perform, is slow and unreliable.

Automated tests give you confidence in your system orders of magnitude quicker, cheaper and reliably. However, in the past automating tests for Asset Control was not an easy task. Adetta is changing this!

How does Adetta automate Asset Control testing?

  • Adetta takes a lot of inspiration from Cucumber.
  • It groups system functionality into features and scenarios.
  • And lets you describe test setup and expected behaviour using natural language steps starting with Given, When, Then, And, But.
  • This is known as Gherkin language.
Adetta GUI
  • This natural language representation is underpinned by implementations of these Given, When, Then etc. steps, so these tests are executable.
  • While Cucumber is a framework that allows to describe your tests using the Gherkin language, you still have to implement the underlying steps yourself.

Adetta is ready-made for Asset Control testing

  • Now, Adetta takes this further and already gives you the implementations of steps for many areas you will find in dealing with Asset Control.
  • Main areas are: data load, normalization, consolidation, price consolidation, timeseries validation, Formula Engine code.
  • You do not need to code.
  • Instead, you use an interactive GUI with powerful autocomplete features to create and maintain your tests:
New scenario
  • You can run tests from the GUI:
Adetta Run
  • And we offer ways to integrate Adetta into your CI/CD pipeline, so tests run fully automated and give you confidence that the system behaves correctly.
  • Adetta test reports can serve as documentation of system behaviour and can be made available in different formats (JSON, HTML, PDF etc.).
  • As you don’t need to be a developer to use Adetta, we see it being used by business analysts even before development starts as a way to document their requirements. And they can execute Adetta tests to check the developers' work later on.

Adetta is extendable

  • All included Asset Control specific implementations of steps are provided as plugins.
  • Additionally, Adetta users are able to implement their own plugins.
  • This allows testing of the more custom areas of your Asset Control.
  • And it also allows you to test other areas of your business domain, e.g. interactions with upstream or downstream systems.
  • We would be very happy to explain this further and assist in the implementation if you wish.

How much time and money could you save with an efficient test automation system for Asset Control? And - using this time and money - which projects could you make a reality?

Interested? Book an online demo!

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