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Asset Control
by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 09 Jul 2020

Applying datafile header settings across an ADO set

This was asked on the Asset Control subreddit: I know how I can change the group ID of the datafile for a single ADO via the Asset Control Admin Desktop, but how can I do this for an ADO set?

There is a convenient - if at first not obvious - way to do this via the AC Desktop as well. Please, see the video below:

Here are the steps again:

  • Get your ADOs into a list.
  • Set the group ID on the first ADO in that list and save it.
  • Select the list itself.
  • From the menu, select Options -> List -> Update File Attributes.
  • Then tick Group and hit OK and the group ID of the first ADO will be propagated to all others in the list.

The same applies to Calendar, Trigger, Validation Functions, Fields, Recalculation Time, Permissions, StdDev Log R, Formula and Options.

You might find that useful. Thank you.

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