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Asset Control
by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 28 Feb 2019

The directory structure of AC

The table below shows a (incomplete) list of the main directories of a typical Asset Control installation.

Bold type indicates directories that you will typically deal with more often. Please, keep in mind that the hierarchy shown below (e.g. $AC_WORDKIR inside $AC_DATA) is not mandatory. Many of the directories are referenced using environment variables, so they can be placed to a different point in the hierarchy, a different mount point etc.

Directory Content / purpose
. Installation root. Referenced by $AC_SYSTEM.
bin Standard AC script and binaries, e.g. adstart2, ac_bl etc.
comm Config files and scripts for AC interfaced. Referenced by $AC_COMMDIR.
data Contains datafile trees and typically the $AC_WORKDIR and $AC_LOGDIR. Referenced by $AC_DATA. Does not necessarily have to be within $AC_SYSTEM.
data/log Log files. Referenced by $AC_LOGDIR.
data/log/node_000 Contains journal files, i.e. transcation log files. The node_??? depends on your setup.
data/vendor_files Interface input files for various data vendors (depending on which interfaces you use).
data/workdir Temporary files, batch log files etc. Referenced by $AC_WORKDIR.
files Mainly files used during the initial installation, but also the files/auto_logon/?user? encrypted password files.
formulas Standard AC Formula Engine formulas, e.g. for normalization, consolidation and price consolidation. Referenced by $AC_FORMDIR.
include C header files.
install Installation scripts, i.e. and related.
interfaces Standard AC and custom interfaces, e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters, Consolidation etc.
lib Libraries.
local Custom extensions. See below.
local/bin Custom scripts, e.g. shell scripts, Perl scripts etc.
local/lib/fe Custom Formula Engine scripts.
man Man pages.
reports A place to store reports. Referenced by $AC_REPDIR.
tools Additional AC Server components like price consolidation, matching tool etc.
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