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Asset Control
by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 21 Mar 2019

Writing to files with text_write()

The Formula Engine function text_write allows you to write to text files. You can use this for example to add logging messages into your FE code:

acdba@acbox:~$ cat test.fe
function logMsg(msg) {
  text_write(">>fe.log", str(datetime(,'MSEC'))+': '+msg);

function myFunc() {
  // do something

acdba@acbox:~$ ac_evalform -f test.fe
acdba@acbox:~$ cat $AC_WORKDIR/fe.log
20190323:145724:518: Start.
20190323:145724:518: End.

As you can see, the default path for files written in this way is $AC_WORKDIR. Also, note the use of datetime to prepend a timestamp to each log message.

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