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by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 13 Apr 2019

Built-in $VARIABLES available to you

When implementing Formula Engine code - depending on the context - there are certain built-in variables available to you. In this article I am listing the built-in variables you are most likely to use:

Variable Usage
$DATA The value to be returned or stored.
$PREVDATA The previous value. E.g. in a store() function, $PREVDATA will hold the previous value. And $DATA the value to be stored (giving you a chance to examine and change it).
$FIELD The attribute id, e.g. in a select() function of a derived attribute.
$LISTID The list ID, e.g. in a select() function of a derived list.
$SYMBOL The symbol / ADO ID in the context of many functions: select(), store(), validation functions etc.
$STATUS The status to be returned or stored.
$TREEID The datafile tree ID, e.g. in the select function for a derived tree.

For a complete list of available built-in variables, please consult the AC Server Manual.

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