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Asset Control
by Matthias Hanitzsch-Moonlight/ on 02 Apr 2019

Getting static attribute values with get_attributes

In order to get the values of a few static attributes for a given set of ADOs on the command line or as part of a shell script you can use get_attributes.

In its most common form, you pass in ADO IDs on STDIN and call get_attributes with:

  • - to indicate that ADOs are to be read from STDIN
  • 0 to denote the batch size
  • one ore more attribute IDs separated by spaces

Here is an example for a single ADO and a single attribute:

acdba@acbox:~$ echo C0.ISS.1 | get_attributes - 0 C0_SRC01

And here is one for with more ADOs and attributes:

acdba@acbox:~$ echo -e "C0.ISS.1\nC0.ISS.2" | get_attributes - 0 C0_SRC01 C0_SRC04

You can see that the first line returned lists the attributes. Every following line contains the respective attribute values followed by the ADO ID. By default, a value of $NA would be displayed as ?.

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